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22.11.2003 - Nürnberger Nachrichten

Beethoven's violin concert with Anton Sorokov and the Nuremberg Philharmonic Orchestra

During the concert season 2003/2004 the Nuremberg Philharmonic Orchestra supplies his own soloists, so that the First Concertmaster Anton Sorokov had the chance to present himself with Beethoven's violin concert. As per information in the programme he already played this concert at "famous music centres", that means at the age of 25 he has already a considerable routine, which was right away audible and perceivable for the audience. Moreover you could notice his eminent proficiency and knowledge as well as his perfect execution. As a member of the orchestra he always seeked the integration with his colleagues in order to achieve the best possible consolidation. Nowadays it seems to be common practice to do without the pressing spirit, but focus to the cantabile nature and take up time not only with the Larghetto, introducing therewith a sort of disconnection from the world. Sorokov has adopted this approach, too. Thanks to his enormous musical sense he is able to get nearly beyond the realm of possibility. Sorokov, who created his part rather in a sentimental than in a romantic or even classic way, excited the audience especially by his trill cascades, as well as the (not quite complete) Kreisler cadenza in the first movement and his own two cadenzas.

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22.11.2003 - Nürnberger Zeitung

Exultation for an hour of glory with the Philharmonic Orchestra and the violinist Anton Sorokov

Beethoven's violin concert as glorification of pastoral simplicity, the presentation guest-conducted by Ulf Schirmer and first of all with participation of the young soloist Anton Sorokov can be confidently acclaimed as hour of glory of this season, so that the audience brimmed over with enthusiasm.

In the very beginning of the concert the orchestra satisfied with a velvet, resonant melodiousness, a pleasant balance also in the fortissimo chords, a smooth and soft brass-woodwind section, and anthem-like musical contours. A perfect partnership for the violinist Anton Sorokov, who subtly fitted in with slender notes, keeping a wonderful balance between expressive devotion and choppiness: a breathtaking music.



The yesterday's agreement was taken quickly: Anton Sorokov will follow-up Sigler as concertmaster in the Nuremberg Philharmonic Orchestra. Sorokov was born in 1978 in a family of musicians in Moscow, Russia. He has acquired the Austrian nationality. At the early age of four he took violin lessons, and at the age of ten he studied at the Central Music School in Moscow. Since 1991 he studied at the University of Music in Vienna. Sorokov can look back to a successful career on stage in the music centres of Europe, America and Asia as well as to some renowned awards. he made his debut in Austria at the Concert Hall of Vienna with the violin concert of Glasunov. In 1999 he debuted at the grand Music Hall in Vienna with the violin concert of Mendelssohn-Bartholdy. In November 2000 he performed in Moscow together with Montserrat Caballet to a 5000 people audience, where he played the violin concert of Tchaikovsky. One month later he had his first great performance in the big hall of the Philharmonic Theatre in Berlin. In Nuremberg Sorokov will present himself to the audience for the first time during the New Year's concerts.

masterly performance in rastede

13.04.2000 - Nordwest-Zeitung Odenburg

... Sorokov's performance was veritably brilliant. Anton Sorokov's violin skills were perceived with astonishment. What will be kept in mind, is the way Sorokov makes a slow movement ringt with a magnificent silky piano, and, as in the case of Beethoven's violin sonata op. 96 that he gave as an encore, the way he made it shine.

Anton Sorokov: Sorcerer on the violin

05.509.1997 - Waidhofen Nachrichten

What he produced from these pieces by Paganini, Wieniawsky, Kreisler and Szymanowsky in an impressive show on four strings, bordered on the devilish. Miracles of bow and finger technique materialized continually and the audience was astounded by the intoxicatingly sparkling pirouettes of tone and cascades of sound. All this was served up with a full palette of expressive nuances. Always, however, with that playful casualness with characterizes the born virtuoso.

Philharmonia Orchestra London - Anton Sorokov, Soloist

12.01.1997 - Süddeutsche Zeitung

Anton Sorokov's tone draws it's intensity from a constantly present, but never exaggerated vibrato. Precisely this is what Sorokov uses to exquisitely color the slower passages. The lyric approach and pathos in the performance of the second movement was augmented again by his slender yet concentrated tone. His unpretentious violinistic presence, which was dedicated solely to the work being performed, allowed one to recognize his thoroughly creative will which was supported by Myung-Whun Chung on the podium. 

Also outstanding was Anton Sorokov who made his Liederhall debut as the soloist in Max Bruch's g-minor violin concerto. The 18-year-old violinist from Vienna traversed the depths of the work with an immaculate violinistic style, sparkingly and measuredly enjoying to the fullest the lyrical elements (including the encore, the Sarabande from Bach's d-minor Partita in extreme pianissimo).

Philharmonia Orchestra Master Concert

12.01.1997 - Stuttgarter Nachrichten